Intimate Systems

Sarita Zaleha, Eruptions on Ice 3, 2015

Jordan Becker, Five by Five Alive in Color, 2016

Gabriella Boros, Dr. Sheik Humair Khan: Ebola, 2015

Richard Hricko, Straw I, 2014

Intimate Systems

Level 6 Gallery, 100state
Feb 6 - April 28, 2016

A group exhibition investigating the intersection of art and science.

Intimate Systems presents twenty-eight artists, from New Orleans, LA to Brunswick, ME, whose works explore intersections of art and science. The exhibition features works in video, installation, photography, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and book arts, including live cell imaging from artist-scientists in the Virology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While some artists reflect on particular metaphors or phenomena in science, others visualize biological and chemical processes, threatened and/or complex ecosystems, the ethics of scientific research, Afro-futurism, modern medicine and disease, and microscopy.

Intimate Systems reveals the ways in which artists and scientists alike continually engage in a process of inventing, challenging, and rearranging human understanding, through open-mindedness, experimentation, and discovery. Artists can connect scientific knowledge to people’s daily lives, bringing abstract concepts into an intuitive, personal space. If science, in its most general sense, is an attempt to make the world more comprehensible, then art may be defined in a similar broad frame as an attempt to confront humanity with phenomena that excite and stimulate the mind, despite their sometimes intangible or ephemeral natures. Metaphors derived from science—such as chaos, complexity, uncertainty, and entropy—bear a rhetorical and sensory dynamism that in turn provide fertile ground for artistic exploration. Artists were invited to submit works that investigate a scientific metaphor or phenomenon, or more broadly, any works relating to the intersection of art and science—from networked communication to open source culture; from biodiversity to extinction. Works in all media were accepted for consideration. In staging Intimate Systems, 100arts seeks to create a meaningful dialogue through which artists, scientists, and the public can communicate and learn from one another; making the laboratory and gallery more transparent for all.


Jordan Becker, Gabriella Boros, Jackie Brown, Kalleen Chilcote, Lauren Dacy, Angela Dieffenbach, Jennifer Falkowski, Thomas Ferrella, Carlos Gacharná, Christy Grace, John Way, Claire Miller, Bethany Haeseler, Richard Hricko, Jeremy Kiracofe, Ryan Lewis, Daniel Meinhardt & Alison Gates, Allen Morris, Nicole Picchietti, Ginger Pocock, Beth Racette, Carol Schwartz, Nathan Sherer, Daniel Torres, Floor van de Velde, Melissa Wagner-Lawler, and Sarita Zaleha


100arts Artists in Residence | Kelty Carew, Christian Andrew Grooms (installation lead), Dan Fransee (flyer design), Carlos Eduardo Garcharná (100arts Manager), Simone and Max (curatorial lead)