Single-channel video with audio, modified color television set
7 minute 28 second seamless loop
30 x 38 ½ x 19 inches

Waiting depicts an infinite preamble to a live-streamed presidential address, in which no president ever appears. As social and technological transformations have led to most public discourse taking place via screens, Waiting challenges the potential passivity this mediation engenders by playing upon one’s desire for both political and material immediacy. Displayed on a modified color television set from the 1980s, the work references the passage of time, acknowledging individual frustration with the pace of progress and the limitations of political elites to make change. When viewers break their gaze, or become ‘tired of waiting,’ they enact a small rehearsal of the civic mobilization we seek—affirming that change is not top-down, but rather the accumulation of many, individual actions.