Alejandro Sajgalik, (video still), 2016

Pinar&Viola, Mother Earth in Paris (video still), 2015

Michael Williams, Stay Woke (video still), 2015

Emilia Izquierdo, BLIND LIGHT/WHITE NOISE (video still), 2016


Arts + Literature Laboratory
August 6 and August 13, 2016

A nighttime, outdoor screening series of contemporary video art.

OFF THE WALL aims to present a survey of the most compelling and innovative moving image works from a broad cross-section of artists—local to international, emerging to mid-career. In it's inaugural year, OFF THE WALL 2016 featured works by 35 artists, selected out of 450 submissions from 50 countries. Works variously explored themes of internet culture, memory, language, identity, war, and the environment, through an equally diverse array of forms, including experimental documentary, stop-motion, video collage, 2D and 3D animation, and documentation of performance.


Eden Auerbach Ofrat (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Chris Paul Daniels (Manchester, England)

Simón García-Miñaúr (San Francisco, CA)

Gianrico Di Gennaro (as El Zoid) (Abruzzo, Italy)

Emilia Izquierdo (London, England)

Rebecca Kautz (Sun Prairie, WI)

Laura Hyunjhee Kim (San Francisco, CA)

Carl Knickerbocker (Oviedo, FL)

Paige Mostowy (Madison, WI)

Purple Moustacho (Sissy Reyes & Jorge Mansilla) (Sydney, Australia)

Ima-Abasi Okon (London, England)

Pinar&Viola (Paris, France)

Steve Roggenbuck (Tucson, AZ)

Mikio Saito (Sapporo, Japan)

Alejandro Sajgalik (Montreal, Canada)

Lina Selander and Oscar Mangione (Stockholm, Sweden)

Wu Siou Ming (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Daniel Wechsler (London, England)


Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Diego Bernaschina (Santiago, Chile)

Tavarus Blackmonster (Sacramento, CA)

Deyan Clement (Belgrade, Serbia)

Sthef Folgar (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Michael Hyman (Washington, DC)

Andrew Ellis Johnson (Pittsburgh, PA)

Elena Knox (Sydney, Australia)

Stephanie Mercedes (Brooklyn, NY)

Harriet Mishoulam and Von Bilka (Chicago, IL)

Purple Moustacho (Sissy Reyes & Jorge Mansilla) (Sydney, Australia)

Mikey Peterson (Chicago, IL)

Adrián Regnier Chávez (Mexico City, Mexico)

Heath Schultz (Austin, TX)

Alysse Stepanian (Los Angeles, CA)

Jamaal Hasef Tolbert (Los Angeles, CA)

Michael Williams (Los Angeles, CA)

Yao Cong (London, England)


"The highlights ranged from a hilariously unnerving riff on privacy policies to somber reflections on scapegoating and the meaning of the word Asia. And as a whole, the program offered a compelling experience of being constantly wrenched between different styles and vantage points."

— Scott Gordon, Tone Madison

"A much needed microcinema-style series for local and international video art has debuted at the Arts + Literature Laboratory...OFF THE WALL marks the first attempt at a new series in Madison devoted to contemporary experimental moving images in quite a while. And as campus venues...slowly drift away from experimental film, OFF THE WALL’s goal of bringing video art to general audiences seems even more significant."

— James Kreul, Madison Film Forum


Night 1 Program
Night 2 Program
Review: Madison Film Forum
Podcast: Tone Madison's Art Catch-Up, August 2016 (relevant portion begins at 19:26)